Wednesday, November 22, 2006

B2B Marketing Survey

The last lead management technology post has generated a lot of interest, so I'm going to do the first in a series of surveys... well, hopefully a series... we'll see what kind of interest I'm able to generate. The survey topic will be Lead Management Practices and I've tried to create something that is short (about 3-4 minutes) but will collect some pithy info. I'll keep updating the responses to the survey in this post as they come in... To give you a preview before you click the link, the questions deal with:
  • Current use of B2B marketing technology;
  • Current priorities around lead pipeline management;
  • Future priority areas / investment areas
  • Open ended text for entering in (as always) anything I've missed.

Click here to take the survey.

Please take the time to fill in the survey--it'll be great to see responses come in and then hopefully an insightful dialogue will develop.

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