Monday, November 20, 2006

Attempt at Categorizing Technology for Managing the B2B Pipeline

NOTE: I’ll keep this post “live” and updated as I get comments and as things change in this space. Latest update: 11-29-06. Updates since original post in red.

I’ve been trying to categorize all the technology that’s available out for B2B marketers into neat buckets. I’m sure Forrester and Gartner have done much better jobs at this than I have, but their reports cost money. For those of you who want a quick-and-dirty categorization of technology with links to company web sites, this post is for you. Please comment to point out companies I’ve missed.

There are a lot of “merging” technologies in this list. What this means is that some technologies started in one place and have spread into others. I’ve tried to note these, but have left the technologies in their “original”—and thus ostensibly focus—space.

Extraction, Transformation, Loading (ETL):

Informatica: PowerCenter

Native Database ETL: SQL Server 2005, Oracle 10g, IBM DB2 all have native ETL technology that is clearly getting better and could be making Informatica obsolete—we’ll see. Informatica is still the Cadillac.

IBM: Information Integration
Thanks to Vincent for his post alerting me of this miss. Check out his post for a comparison of Informatica and IBM Information Integration.

Data Quality:

Informatica: Data Quality

Trillium: Owned now by Harte-Hanks

Dataflux: Owned by SAS... wait everyone is getting owned in this space...

Data Warehouse (pre-built and otherwise):

Upper Quadrant: UQube

Oracle Data Warehouse Builder:

All other relational databases can function as data warehouses. There are very few “pre-built” marketing data warehouses out there. Anyone who knows of any others please comment.

Data Mining:

SAS: Enterprise Miner

SPSS: Clementine

Oracle: Oracle Data Miner

Campaign Management / Marketing Automation / MRM:

Aprimo: Aprimo Enterprise Marketing Management

Unica: Unica Affinium Suite / Enterprise Marketing Management

SAS: SAS Marketing Automation—more focused on analytics than process, but improving

Siebel: Siebel Enterprise Marketing—suite contains multiple marketing applications but focused on / started with MRM

Lead Management:

Eloqua: Eloqua Conversion Suite—They have a “complete” suite but are strongest in lead management.

Marketo: Heard from Jon Miller about his new on-demand marketing automation solution. He also mentions in his post that he thinks Lead Creation and Lead Management shouldn't be separated. I agree that a lot of software does both, but in my experience a lot of companies thinking of them separately, so I'm keeping them discrete. The site currently site says "In Quiet Mode"... hopefully more coming soon.

Sales Force Automation:

Siebel: Siebel Sales

Microsoft: Dynamics CRM


Web Analytics:

24/7 Real Media

Elytics, Inc: Elytics Analysis Suite

Google: Google Analytics—free and very good…you have to think they’re going to be continuously improving and eventually offering an “Enterprise” edition

IBM: IBM SurfAid Analytics Services

Omniture: Omniture SiteCatalyst

SPSS: SPSS NetGenesis

Reporting and Business Intelligence:

Cognos: Cognos 8 BI / Reporting

SAS: SAS Business Intelligence

Business Objects: Business Objects XI / Crystal Reports

Microsoft Suite included Business Scorecard Manager, SQL Reporting Services, Office Live, etc.—note: Microsoft’s BI position is still quite confusing, but their overall portfolio of products is compelling.

Vincent also alerted me to include Hyperion as a BI provider. Hyperion's Essbase and related products are mainly concentrated in the financial space, but they have some interesting unique technology.
I was intrigued at the "Essbase Analytics" product which seems new (last time I worked in Essbase was four years ago) and seems to allow enterprise-level scenario modeling... could be interesting for mix optimization.


Jon Miller said...
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Jon Miller said...

Useful post, thanks. For the B2B space, I wouldn't separate Campaign Management from Lead Management. B2B companies run campaigns for two reasons -- to generate leads and to nurture leads. I think a more useful distinction is between the traditional on-premise solutions (including Unica, Aprimo, SAS, and Siebel) versus on-demand solutions (including Eloqua and my company, Marketo). Or, a split because B2B specialists versus marketing generalists.

Regardless, I'd appreciate being included in the round-up.

Anonymous said...

Wow, since I am an IBM Information Integration blogger I am somewhat appalled that it is missing from your page. Gartner just ranked the IBM Information Integration (not related to DB2) and Informatica suite as the two leaders in this space. Have a look at my post Informatica v IBM Information Server - the sweet suite comparison for a comparison of tools in the suite.

IBM DataStage and Informatica PowerCenter are the joint ETL leaders: they both have SaaS, semi-structured transaction support and SOA capabilities for B2B. Pervasive Software Data Integrator and Business Integrator products were the first data integration tools on the AppExchange so deserves an honerable mention for B2B integration. Microsoft SSIS is the cheapest option for smaller business since a basic version is free with SQL Server. It also integrates with Microsoft BizTalk for complex B2B transactions.

For Data Quality there is IBM QualityStage and Business Objects FirstLogic has a strong presence in the US.

For data warehouses I would mention data warehouse appliances such as Netezza which offer a good packaged data warehouse. I would rank Oracle, Sybase, IBM and Microsoft equally capable of building a data warehouse as they all have packages of databases, logical models and data load tools to do it.

For Business Intelligence I would add Hyperion who have a great BI suite and are bringing together a decent data integration suite.

Data Federation is missing. Most data integration vendors now offer a Federation tool, although most are struggling to find customers for it. IBM, Informatica, BObjs, Siebel etc. Lots of these tools out there. Where ETL makes data accessible by moving it Federation makes it accessible from its original location without moving it.


Anonymous said...

A couple comments…

I would make a distinction between Campaign Management and Lead Management. Virtually all Campaign Management users are Marketers whereas Lead Management in many B2B organizations is used by Marketing (including Inside Sales and Telemarketing) and Sales.

I also think it’s essential to be able to offer these types of solutions both on-demand and on-premise – and be able to migrate between these options seamlessly. In several cases Unica customers have started on-demand, but then migrated to on-premise as integration requirements increase. For example, one of our B2B customers in the computer hardware business greatly benefited from the flexibility of beginning with a hosted service, but later bringing the software in-house after their business needs changed. About one third of Unica’s customers utilize Affinium as a service hosted by Unica or a partner.



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